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Ultimate Guide to Debtor Education, The Second Bankruptcy Course

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What is the purpose of Debtor Education?

The second course is required as part of your bankruptcy. The purpose of debtor education is to provide you with the knowledge and skills to take control of your financial future. The course is taken after your bankruptcy has been filed but before you receive your discharge. The financial strategies you learn will help ensure your success after your bankruptcy is over.

How long does the course take?

The course is required to take a MINIMUM of 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete. The course is timed, and you cannot finish early. Take your time and spend the full two hours on the course material. All debtor education providers have the same time requirement.

You must take the course from an approved provider

The debtor education course must be taken by an approved provider. BE Adviser is approved in all U.S. States and territories, and not every provider is, so you definitely want to check to see whether the provider you choose is approved, either by the US Trustee’s office or by the Bankruptcy Administrators (in Alabama and North Carolina).

Same course, different names

It is kind of confusing because the second course goes by various names. 2nd required bankruptcy course, debtor education course, financial management course, post-filing course, pre-discharge course, they all mean the same thing.

How do I sign up for the course?

When signing up for the debtor education course, you need to create a brand new account, which you can do here. You will also want to have your case number and district handy. Keep in mind, no information from the first course is transferred over. You have to create a brand new account to take the second course.

How can I find my Case Number and District?

Your case number and district are required to sign up for the second bankruptcy course. This information is also printed on your certificate, so you will want to make sure you have the correct information before you register. You will not receive your case number until AFTER your bankruptcy has been filed. If your attorney has not yet filed your paperwork, no case number will be assigned yet. There are 3 main ways to get this information:

  1. Call VCIS (Voice Case Information System) at: (866) 222-8029 (automated line)
  2. Ask your attorney
  3. Ask the bankruptcy court

Will my progress be saved?

If you sign up with BE Adviser, our system automatically saves each page after you submit it. If you are midway through filling out a section and leave, it will not be saved. If you submit the page you are currently on, though, it will be saved. Our system also automatically saves your time spent. You can log out and log back in as many times as you want and your progress will be saved.

What types of subjects does the course cover?

The BE Adviser debtor education course covers the following topics:

  • Budget
  • Expense
  • Saving
  • Saving Money
  • Saving Money (continue)
  • Using Credit Cards
  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Financial Record Keeping
  • The Difference Between Wants and Needs
  • Coping with Unexpected Financial Crisis
  • Various Types and Sources of Credit
  • Appropriate Uses of Credit and Alternatives
  • Insurance

Why do I have to fill out a budget?

You may have already filled out a budget for the first credit counseling course, so you may be surprised to find that you also need to fill out a budget for the second debtor education course as well. With the first credit counseling session, a credit counselor uses your budget information to determine whether you have other options other than bankruptcy available to you. The second course is a financial management session, which is more educational.  The budget exercise is intended to give you experience planning a budget for use after your bankruptcy. 

Is it possible to fail the course?

No, you cannot fail the course. However, you do have to spend the required time (2 hours), and you do need to review the course materials and answer all of the questions correctly.

Will my attorney or bankruptcy court accept your certificate?

Yes, even if you were referred to a different provider, the certificate you receive after completing the BE Adviser debtor education course is accepted everywhere, by all attorneys and by all bankruptcy courts.

Can I get assistance?

Yes, we have online chat and telephone support from 10am–6pm Eastern Standard Time, and we answer e-mail around the clock at Our telephone number is 1-855-976-1700.


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